Chained Peals Necklace - Hannaca

Elevate your jewelry collection with our stunning Pearl Necklace, a timeless accessory that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your ensemble. Designed...
$71.00 from $63.00
14K Gold Pearl Bracelet - Hannaca 14K Gold Pearl Bracelet - Hannaca Quick View

14K Gold Pearl Bracelet - Hannaca

Introducing our Timeless Elegance Pearl and Sterling Silver Bracelet, a classic piece of jewelry that remains eternally stylish. Featuring luminous white pearls, the symbol...
$108.00 $92.00
Line In Circle Necklace - Hannaca - Hannaca Line In Circle Necklace - Hannaca - Hannaca Quick View

Line In Circle Necklace - Hannaca

Introducing our "Simplicity in Silver" Sterling Silver Necklace, a beautifully understated piece of jewelry that epitomizes elegance and beauty through its simplicity. Crafted from...
$54.00 $42.00
Moissanite Stone Bracelet - Hannaca Moissanite Stone Bracelet - Hannaca Quick View

Moissanite Stone Bracelet - Hannaca

Product Description: Elevate your style with our Exquisite Heart-Shaped Moissanite Bracelet, a true masterpiece crafted for those who appreciate elegance and sparkle. This stunning...
$239.00 $201.00

Premium Bead Set - Hannaca

Indulge in the sheer elegance of our Elegance in Pearls: Complete Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set, a first-class ensemble that radiates sophistication. Crafted with 7...
$325.00 from $234.00

Pearl Pendant Necklace - Hannaca

Indeed, pearls have long been revered as symbols of elegance, refinement, and timeless beauty. Their natural luster and iridescence make them captivating and versatile...
$70.00 $54.00

Bicolor Twisted Ring - Hannaca

Introducing our exquisite Interlaced Zircon Ring, a symbol of simplicity, luxury, and the unbreakable bond between two souls. Crafted with the utmost care and...
$48.00 from $40.00

Fine Bead Necklace - Hannaca

Introducing our elegant and meticulously crafted Pearl Necklace, designed to showcase the timeless beauty of pearls while ensuring their safety and longevity through the...
$86.00 from $70.00
Charming Rings - Hannaca Charming Rings - Hannaca Quick View

Charming Ring - Hannaca

Introducing our Classic Sterling Silver Ring, a timeless accessory that pays homage to a tradition as ancient as time itself. The act of adorning...
$54.00 $42.00
Rambling Bracelet Rambling Bracelet - Hannaca - Hannaca Quick View

Rambling Bracelet - Hannaca

Product Description: Discover the convenience and fashion-forward style of our Rambling Snake-Bone Sterling Silver Bracelet. With its simple yet elegant snake-bone basic chain, this...
$43.00 $32.00
Chained Hoops Necklace - Hannaca - Hannaca Chained Hoops Necklace - Hannaca - Hannaca Quick View

Chained Hoops Necklace - Hannaca

Introducing our "Infinite Love" Sterling Silver Necklace, a symbol of timeless and boundless affection that beautifully combines the elegance of rose gold and silver....
Excellence Bead Set Excellence Bead Set - Hannaca Quick View

Excellence Bead Set - Hannaca

Indulge in the allure of real pearls with our Unique Real Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set. These pearls are cherished precisely because they are rarely...
$326.00 $293.00
Double Layer Bracelet - Hannaca - Hannaca Double Layer Bracelet - Hannaca - Hannaca Quick View

Double Layer Bracelet - Hannaca

Introducing our "Singular Charm" Sterling Silver Two-Layer Bracelet, a unique and charming accessory crafted from genuine sterling silver. This bracelet's two-layer design offers versatility...
Rose Flower Infinity Love Neckalce - Hannaca Rose Flower Infinity Love Neckalce - Hannaca Quick View

Infinity Love Rose Neckalce - Hannaca

Introducing our "Infinite Love Rose" Sterling Silver Necklace, a fine and delicate piece of jewelry that beautifully combines an infinity symbol with a rose...

Daisy Flower Ring - Hannaca

Introducing our "Cherry Blossom Elegance" Sterling Silver Ring, a romantic and elegant piece of jewelry that captures the beauty of cherry blossoms in a...
from $48.00

Love bracelet - Hannaca

Close your eyes and imagine a scene that enchants the senses. A gentle summer breeze caresses your skin as you walk along a street...
$51.00 from $42.00

Heart Chain Bracelet - Hannaca

Introducing our "DIY Series Sterling Silver Bracelet," a versatile and customizable bracelet designed to let you express your unique personality and style. Crafted from...
$71.00 from $53.00
Glittering Star Earrings - Hannaca - Hannaca Glittering Star Earrings - Hannaca - Hannaca Quick View

Glittering Star Earrings - Hannaca

Introducing our "Starry Night Tassel" Sterling Silver Earrings, a classic and elegant pair of earrings that combine star and moon elements with a long...

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Residing in Italy where craftmanship and passion in creating has always been important for generations, with dedication and accuracy, we enhance our company becoming the company that we are now. We always upgrade our products creating new designs and styles; paying attention to every detail which creates the product itself.
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