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Necklaces For Her

Jennacca, or also HANNACA, - hence the name of our site -, means necklace. Jennacca is simply a quality handcrafted necklace (jewel) made of gold microbeads. The mother-in-law used to give this jewelry, at the engagement of a young couple, to her daughter-in-law. So as to strengthen their relationship.

The necklace is one of the most popular and appreciated ornaments in the world, thanks in part to the numberless designs in which it can be made, making it an extremely versatile piece of jewelry.

One of the most charming aspects of the history of necklaces is undoubtedly related to the variations in style over the centuries up to the present day.

It is always interesting then, to see how each historical period has a certain influence on those that follow, leading to revivals of styles and the rediscovery of past classics such as necklaces inspired by the Greco-Roman style or the chokers of Ancient Egypt.

An accessory that has relevance and even value nowadays. Take a look at our necklaces. Everything you desire is in our catalog!

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