Lucky Bracelet - Hannaca

Step into the enchanting world of the Lucky Bracelet By Hannaca and unlock the secret to attracting luck into your life! This exquisite piece...
from $35.00

Heart of Colors Ring - Hannaca

Introducing our "Shining Heart" Oxidized Silver Ring, a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry that combines simplicity with elegance. This ring features a simple style...
from $42.00
14k Gold Luminous Earrings - Hannaca 14k Gold Luminous Earrings - Hannaca Quick View

14k Gold Luminous Earrings - Hannaca

Elevate your style with the Luminous earrings in 14k gold plated sterling silver. These exclusive jewelry pieces offer a luxurious and sophisticated touch that...
$54.00 $43.00
Pearl Ring - Hannaca Pearl Ring - Hannaca Quick View

Pearl Ring - Hannaca

Absolutely, pearls have a unique ability to symbolize the elegance of a woman and enhance her noble temperament. Different colors of pearls can convey...
$49.00 $43.00

Fine Sparkling Bracelet - Hannaca

Introducing our "Elegance in Sterling Silver" Bracelet, a fine and elegant piece of jewelry crafted from genuine sterling silver, designed to enhance your wrist...
from $43.00

Oval Pearl Bracelet - Hannaca

Elevate your wrist with our Elegant Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Bracelet. Crafted with genuine freshwater pearls and sterling silver, this charming and fine bracelet...
Colorful Pearl Bracelet - Hannaca Colorful Pearl Bracelet - Hannaca Quick View

Colorful Pearl Bracelet - Hannaca

Elevate your wrist with our Enchanting Freshwater Pearl Bead Bracelet, a unique and elegant jewel that effortlessly enriches your style. Crafted with real freshwater...
$75.00 $54.00
Heart of Colors Necklace - Hannaca Heart of Colors Necklace - Hannaca Quick View

Heart of Colors Necklace

💕 Say "I love you" with a beautiful piece of jewelry from Hannaca The delicate skin-friendly sterling silver is wrapped with colorful heart-shaped glass;...

Unique Bracelet - Hannaca

Introducing our "Leaf and Yellow Zircon Copper Bracelet," a delightful and elegant piece of jewelry that combines the beauty of nature-inspired design with the...
$43.00 from $36.00

Daisy Flower Ring - Hannaca

Introducing our "Cherry Blossom Elegance" Sterling Silver Ring, a romantic and elegant piece of jewelry that captures the beauty of cherry blossoms in a...
from $48.00
Adjustable Multilayer Open Ring - Hannaca Multilayer Ring - Hannaca Quick View

Multilayer Ring - Hannaca

Introducing our "Leaf-Inspired Oxidized Silver Multi-Layer Ring," a uniquely designed and fashionable piece of jewelry that draws inspiration from the elements of leaves. This...
Pendant Pearl Necklace - Hannaca Pendant Pearl Necklace - Hannaca Quick View

Pendant Pearl Necklace - Hannaca

 Certainly, fashion and graceful appearance can indeed radiate a sense of glory, especially when paired with simple aesthetics. It allows individuals to shine with...
ree of Life Necklace Rely Tree of Life Necklace Green Quick View

Rely Tree of Life Necklace Green - Hannaca

The Rely Tree of Life Necklace Green is a stunning piece of jewelry that has been exclusively designed for women. Crafted meticulously, this exquisite...

Pearl Pendant Necklace - Hannaca

Indeed, pearls have long been revered as symbols of elegance, refinement, and timeless beauty. Their natural luster and iridescence make them captivating and versatile...
$70.00 $54.00
Moissanite Heart Necklace - Hannaca Moissanite Heart Necklace - Hannaca Quick View

Moissanite Heart Necklace - Hannaca

Elevate your fashion with our Charming Moissanite Necklace, a delightful blend of style and subtle luxury that's sure to inspire your outfit choices. Crafted...
$114.00 $92.00
The Hannaca Earrings - Hannaca - Hannaca The Hannaca Earrings - Hannaca - Hannaca Quick View

The Hannaca Earrings

These captivating earrings are not just an accessory; they are a symbol of sophistication and refined fashion. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, The...
Chain Earrings Gold Plated - Hannaca Chain Earrings Gold Plated - Hannaca Quick View

Gold Chain Earrings - Hannaca

Introducing our "Golden Chain Elegance" Sterling Silver Earrings, a stylish and delicate pair of earrings that feature a gold-plated chain design with a touch...

Heart Chain Bracelet - Hannaca

Introducing our "DIY Series Sterling Silver Bracelet," a versatile and customizable bracelet designed to let you express your unique personality and style. Crafted from...
$71.00 from $53.00

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Residing in Italy where craftmanship and passion in creating has always been important for generations, with dedication and accuracy, we enhance our company becoming the company that we are now. We always upgrade our products creating new designs and styles; paying attention to every detail which creates the product itself.
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