Moissanite is one of the hardest substances in the world. Its creation renders the gemstone to an everlasting brilliance. As the best diamond alternative, it stacks up in color, clarity, and brilliance. The fire and brilliance of Moissanite far exceeds that of diamond.



Moissanite has a light dispersion index (fire) of 0.104, even higher than that of diamond, 0.044. Moissanite is unalterable over time because its hardness (9.25) is second only to that of diamond (10). It has excellent resistance to jewellery. Ultrasounds and other cleaning systems do not damage it. It is very heat stable up to 1700°C, the sublimation temperature of diamonds.


Mossanite is much less expensive than diamond but retains its brilliance, durability and strength. So it offers exceptional value at a fraction of the cost.





By purchasing one of our Moissanite products, you will receive the certificate of authenticity from the certifying authority. In our case the GRA certifications, with which there will be all the data and details of your product.






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