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Charms by Hannaca

Charm Definition & Meaning
A charm is a piece of decorative jewelry that has an intent or purpose. Typically, charms are made from metal, stone, or glass and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, ring, or pendant.

Charms may have a specific meaning attached or come in shapes that symbolize certain things. Many charms have spiritual significance and have been used for thousands of years for purposes such as luck, protection, healing, or affirmation.

They can also be used to commemorate special events like birthdays or anniversaries. A charm that is believed to bring luck is often called a "rose" charm because of its red color. A charm that symbolizes love may be referred to as a "heart" charm. A charm that symbolizes strength may be called a "sword" charm.

There are many different types of charms out there and they are often made by hand with small amounts of precious metals and gemstones.

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