Twisted Bracelet - Hannaca

Step into the world of unparalleled elegance with our exquisite Twisted Bracelet. Crafted from premium-quality stainless steel, this bracelet is a true testament to...

Double Curb Bracelet - Hannaca

 Double curb bracelet for men. A unique and premium quality bracelet created in stainless steel. The perfect style to be worn on everyday occasion. Perfect and...

Leather Bracelets - Hannaca

  Leather bracelet for men. A unique and premium quality bracelet created with genuine leather and stainless steel. The perfect style to be worn...
from €37,00

Casual Bangle - Hannaca

  Trendy and premium men's bracelet. Light and comfortble to wear. Perfect for everyday occasion thanks to its design. Various styles available, choose your...
from €41,00

Curb Bracelet - Hannaca

Elegant and sharpe Curb Bracelet. Various colors and mesures, perfect to fit on your occasions. Created in high quality stainless steel, this bracelet enriches your...
from €42,00

We're Passionate
About Quality Craftsmanship

Residing in Italy where craftmanship and passion in creating has always been important for generations, with dedication and accuracy, we enhance our company becoming the company that we are now. We always upgrade our products creating new designs and styles; paying attention to every detail which creates the product itself.
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